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BED Mill Center

Quality Control & Inspection

BED Mill Center - Spindle Motor

Each spindle motor is subject to dynamic balance calibration before it been assembled to machine with this process applied minimum spindle motor chattering and maximum machining accuracy can be achieved.

BED Mill Center - Hand-Scraping
Hand-Scraping performed by skillful technician.
BED Mill Center - Constant Inspection
Constant inspection thru-out assemble/production floor.
BED Mill Center - Laser Calibration
"H.P." laser calibration system ensure machine accuracy & repetition.
BED Mill Center - Double Ball Bar
"Heidenhain" double ball bar system, circular test ensuring machine tool geometry.
BED Mill Center - Signal Analyzer
4-channel dynamic signal analyzer. To inspect & analyze spindle vibration and make sure spindle running at perfect conditions.
BED Mill Center - ATC
ATC under maximum tool weight, for long-time operating test.