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Heavy Duty Precision Lathe

Heavy Duty Precision Lathe - ML-5060/ML-5080/ML-50120/ML-50160/ML-50200/ML-50240/ML-50280/ML-50320
  • Height of Center: 630mm
  • Distance Between Centers: 1700/2200/3200/4200/5200/6200/7200mm
Spindle Bore 18 Step Inverter Variable
ø153mm 5~615rpm 7~710rpm
ø230mm (opt.) 4~430rpm 6~500rpm
ø255mm (opt.) 4~430rpm 6~500rpm
Heavy Duty Precision Lathe - Conventional Type
Conventional Type
Heavy Duty Precision Lathe - Inverter Drive Type(i)
Inverter Drive Type(i)
Heavy Duty Precision Lathe - Conventional Type

CE conformity (opt.):
Electrics comply with CE-regulations / Chuck guard / Chip and coolant shield / Lead screw guard / Full length splash guard